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Ecru Beans

GINO Paper Filters | Bags of 90

QAR 40,00
It's only natural that our meticulously designed and tested LINO cups should have an equally sophisticated way of brewing the coffee that goes into them. We are thrilled to introduce GINO paper filters, the essential counterpart to our GINO dripper. Designed to fit the interior angle and flat base of our GINO dripper, the GINO filter is made from natural wood pulp and imparts no flavor to the coffee.
Product details:
• 90 GINO coffee filters
• Natural wood pulp
• Fits GINO dripper and other flat-bottom drippers
• (ECF) Elemental Chlorine Free whitening
• Made in USA with US and imported paper
• Biodegradable

GINO Paper Filters | Bags of 90

QAR 40,00