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Ecru Beans

Sidamo | Ethiopia | DECAF

QAR 90,00
Product Description 
This Coffee Is From Mabo coffee. 


Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia.
Process: Natural Liquid CO2

This coffee from Sidamo, Ethiopia is decaffeinated with the CO2 Process.
It is a natural, safe process that preserves the beans' native chemical makeup. The result is wonderfully, rich, flavourful coffee.

The CO2 Process, developed by Kurt Zosel, extracts just the caffeine chemical with liquid CO2. In CO2 decaffeination, green beans are immersed in a sealed water container known as an extraction chamber. Liquid CO2 is then forced at a pressure of 1,000 pounds per square inch into the extraction chamber, drawing the caffeine out of the green beans and dissolving it. Once the caffeine is successfully extracted, the caffeine-rich CO2 is transferred from the extraction chamber to a low-pressure absorption chamber that allows the CO2 to return to a gaseous, caffeine-free state. 

Decaf is an excellent way to enjoy a great coffee without worrying about the side effects of too much caffeine, having most of the same health benefits as regular coffee, but none of the side effects.
Pregnant women, adolescents, and individuals taking certain medications may also want to choose decaf over regular coffee

Sidamo | Ethiopia | DECAF

QAR 90,00