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Ecru Beans


QAR 150,00
Product Description 
This product  come with a Plastic holder

The Origami Dripper  was designed by the Founder of Trunk Coffee and Origami in Japan. 
This dripper is made of ceramic in Japan, Nagoya. It is made up of 20 channels which allow you to use ORIGAMI ,SIBARIST, KALITA Wave and V60 filter paper. 

 "Origami"- ori means "folding", and g(k)ami means "paper" - which is a Japanese art of paper folding (paper cranes may be the most famous of this kind.) This beautiful ORIGAMI Dripper is inspired by the spirit of the playfully colorful, creative but delicate craft loved for centuries.

It gives you full control over the flow rate and it is one of our favorite brewing equipment now. The designer/maker has chosen to omit the handle for the dripper because very often it hinders the brewer pouring method. 

The wood plate is designed separately to prevent any heat loss during the brewing process. Every part of the dripper is carefully curated and well designed to fit all the brewers. 


QAR 150,00